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20/12/2005 16:36:32
Capt. S. K. De (de.sudipta@rediffmail.com)

lots of information. great site indeed.

10/11/2005 21:41:38
Richard Martin (abbeyfields@tinyonline.co.uk)

Can spend a lot of time on this site with all its info & useful links.

Thanks a lot


16/08/2005 14:43:45
Fiona-Jane Brown ()

Very impressive site - and very helpful for research. Keep up the good work - like Bob''s photos.

03/08/2005 11:31:01
Pam Brophy (pam@ethosmc.com)

Hi Bob,

Nice site..I am sure the fishing fraternity will find it useful. Some interesting information on harbour sizes too!

14/03/2005 11:19:24
Colin Davidson (West Highland Anchorages & Moorings Association (colin @whamassoc.org.uk)

This has the potential to be an excellent site. What is missing at present is a sketch chartlet of the harbours. For the west coast of Scotland you might care to liaise with Martin Lawrence who produces the Imray pilot books.

17/02/2005 11:42:54
Bob Smith (hmwellsnextsea@msn.com)

Viewed the site today, very interesting and informative. I am sure it will be very beneficial to sailors from all over Europe, and also to the Maritime Enthusiast.

Congratulations and very well done.

Bob Smith
Harbour Master
Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

01/02/2005 11:23:54
Mike Murray (murrcrinan@aol.com)

Good idea for a site. I used msn 5.2 to browse and the map and place names and dots all came up on separate bits!! A wee glitch. Appreciate incorporating Gemini.

21/12/2004 21:15:44
Robert (robert@nitowns.com)

Nice website Bob, well built and very interesting, will get a good read over the holidays when all the fuss dies down!
Happy Christmas

16/12/2004 23:30:58
Bob Jones (info@ports.org.uk)

Nor did I Rob! I thought I might find 400 - 500. I''m still finding new places, albeit semi-derelict jetties in Scotland, usually.

16/12/2004 22:05:56
Rob Fuller ()

Very informative website. I was not aware there were this many ports around the UK.

14/12/2004 15:00:27
Bob Jones (info@ports.org.uk)

Too right, Peter! This is just a hobby - I''ve still got to do the day job.


14/12/2004 13:54:27
Peter Turner (petertee@btinternet.com)

Congratulations Bob. Pretty comprehensive for a work in progress but probably one that could take over your life completely :o)

Good luck


14/12/2004 11:15:00
Bob Jones (info@ports.org.uk)

After months of preparation, the site is up and running today, 14 December 2004.

If anyone spots any errors or omissions, please let me know. It is intended to be a dynamic site, and frequent changes will be made as further information - and photographs - become available.

Your comments on the site will be much appreciated.