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Latitude: 50 55'N
Longitude: 01 29'W
Country: England

Ownership: Eling Sailing Club
Type: Unknown
Usage: Leisure, Commercial
Website: www.elingsc.org.uk/

About Eling

The quay at Eling has been an active harbour going back many hundreds of years with tall-masted ships loading and unloading their goods since medieval times. Today the adjoining industrial wharf is still used for commercial cargo on a regular basis.

A tide mill has existed here for centuries, and is mentioned in the Domesday Book, it was built for milling the local flour, and is still producing today, one of a few such mills in Europe and is a favourite tourist attraction.

Next to the mill can be seen wharves where once shipbuilding thrived but is now owned by timber merchants and light industry, while Eling Creek is a popular place for the mooring of private boats. The Anchor Inn, which stands on the wharf, is a popular stop off for those sailing in Southampton Waters.

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